What We Offer.

Everyone wins when a person on the Autism Spectrum is hired.

Here is what ClearWeave helps you with …

  • ClearWeave JobLink – For both job seekers and businesses – Use the Connections We Already Have Made and Will Continue to Make.
  • Prepare Your Resume – Make it Shine!
  • Build a Social Media Presence / Identity – Sell Yourself.
  • Job Searching – Learn How to Navigate the Best Sites and Use Optimal Searching Techniques.
  • Prepare for the Interview Process – Experience a “Mock Interview” and Begin Building or Enhance Your Interview Skills.
  • Post-Interview Direction – Follow-Up the Right Way. Stay Focused After We Meet and Gain Life-Long Access to Our Post-Meeting On-Line Guide!
  • Guided by the Best – The ClearWeave guidance you will receive has been created using consultation by Licensed Social Workers who specialize in supporting individuals on Autism Spectrum.